Private Lives

Jacki Simmons was well cast as Amanda. Her delivery was cool and precise without the need to overact. She commanded the stage with an elegant presence that ensured you kept your eyes on her.
Jackie Melilli, Weekend Notes

The arrogant posturing, the condescending and supercilious manner is essential yet quite foreign to modern life. The performance was commendable. Jacki Simmons kept Chris Catherwood’s [Elyot] going with Amanda’s well-bred petulance.
Eric James, Stage Whispers

Signal Driver

Audiences have been very enthusiastic about this interesting piece of Australian theatre. From an audience’s point of view it has been the final scene that has had the most audience reaction. Actor Jacki Simmons gives [a] better than believable performance as the elderly [Ivy] Vokes.
Fast paced, confidently acted
Kate Peters, Play Magazine, Gold Coast Bulletin