Cast & Writer/Director RK Musgrave, The Turn of Winston Haggle 2017

I’m very excited to be involved in The Turn of Winston Haggle, a brand new play by RK Musgrave, at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. Rehearsals are nearly done and we move into the theatre next week. This is such a funny play and we’ve all been having such fun in rehearsals!

The Arts Centre Gold Coast presents The Turn of Winston Haggle

Winston Haggle, a misanthrope, only has one friend – his cat Ronald. Now, these good mates are against an entire community that hates them and wants them out… even his Aunt Judith! Until she carks it.

Returning after the success of last year’s play reading, Gold Coast playwright RK Musgrave will this time present his show as a staged performance.

Known to frequently play with themes of loss, death and guilt with a dark sense of humour and irony, RK Musgrave’s works are similar to those of Roald Dahl and Chuck Palahniuk.

So if you like your humour darker than a black hole, The Turn of Winston Haggle draws you in as belly laughs and dark social themes collide. Follow one man’s absurd quest to develop a friendship under the most deathly of circumstances.